One of the largest islands in Greece, and perhaps one of the most popular, is the island of Rhodes. This absolutely stunning island boasts gorgeous views, brilliant food, and tons of places to explore. This makes it a TOP destination for anybody heading out on vacation.

One of the fantastic things about Rhodes is the fact that it boasts some of the richest history in Greece. There is evidence to suggest that the island has been inhabited since at least the Bronze Age. You will see little snippets of the history of the island as you travel around with plenty of ancient villages and monuments. It is quite an experience.

As Rhodes is a popular vacation destination there are a number of top resorts and hotels around the island. Perhaps the most popular of these (amongst the young at least) can be found in Faliraki. This is without a doubt the best destination for those who wish to ‘party’ through the night with a plethora of clubs lining the streets. This place is not just for those who are willing to party though. If you stop off in a hotel that is slightly closer to the water park here then it is actually quite friendly.

The real highlight of Rhodes is the stunning beaches which line the coast. These are some of my favorites:

  • Gennadi: There are a couple of beaches around Gennadi. This place is a particular favorite amongst surfers. Much of the coastline remains unspoiled and it results in a rather beautiful sight.
  • Kalithea: This area is packed to the brim with resort hotels, but it also remains a firm favorite amongst snorkelers and divers.
  • Ialysos: The beaches in this area are absolutely perfect for those with families in tow. The waters are remarkably calm and they are crystal clear. Relax on the beaches here and you will quickly find that all of your cares in the world just disappear.

One of the best things about Rhodes is just exploring the island. If you can, you should rent a car. You can then drive through some of the most stunning villages that you will ever set your eyes upon. A real highlight for me is the town of Lindos, a tiny village which seems to be untouched by much of the activity that is happening elsewhere on Rhodes. Haraki is also a fairly decent village for those who are looking to get something fantastic to eat. If you want to be in the heart of the action then you obviously want to be in the biggest city on the island, Rhodes City.

Getting to Rhodes is remarkably simple. If you are heading here in the summer then you will find that you will probably be able to fly here directly from most countries in Europe. If you are heading out of season then there are regular flights from Athens, Crete, Samos and a number of other smaller airports. If you wish for a slightly different (albeit a far longer way) to travel then you can also hop on a Ferry. There are multiple ferry ports around Greece.