Santorini is without a doubt one of the most beautiful of the Greek Islands. Located around 200KM from the coast of mainland Greece, and in the midst of a stunning group of islands, Santorini is a ‘must visit’ for just about anybody around the globe.

The island of Santorini was formed in the midst of a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. As a result the island is very much ‘volcanic’ in terms of its landscape. This is very evident in the beaches, particularly the beach of Kamari where beautiful black pebbles line the coast. As you can probably guess, the beaches offer some of the best relaxation whilst you are on the island. The experience of staring out to those crystal clear waters whilst the sun beats down is an experience which is completely unrivaled.

It is not just about the beaches of Santorini though. There is plenty more to explore on the island. Perhaps the main highlight is the town of Fira which is perched perfectly on the top of a cliff. If you head up here you will get stunning views over the rest of the island, and trust me, it is remarkably photogenic. Don’t forget to try out some wonderful Greek delicacies whilst you are up in Fira! I have never found a better place in Greece to sample them.

Around 10 minutes from Fira on foot is Firostefani. This is another place where you really are going to want to bring your camera. This location offers brilliant views of the volcano. Make sure you come at night though because the sun setting over it is completely awe-inspiring. For other views you may want to take a trip on over to Oia, or if you want to make a day of it, you may want to head to Pyrgos which is a small village which boasts a rather picturesque monastery. Again, the views are absolutely stunning around here.

Perhaps one of the most unique locations on Santorini is the small village of Vothonas. Now, I am going to be honest with you, there is not a whole lot to do here. It is completely worth visiting though. You see, this beautiful village has all of its homes built into the cliffs. It really is quite exciting walking through the streets and peering at these houses, many of which are occupied, that have been created using ancient techniques.

Whilst the temperature is very rarely cold in Santorini, it is still worth visiting during the summer months. This is because as an island the winds can get pretty intense throughout the rest of the year. This can result in a less-than-pleasurable vacation. Sure, you will still be able to do a fair amount of things whilst traveling around the island, but the main feature here is the pictures and the picturesque views on the top of the cliffs. Is this something that you really want to sacrifice?

You can reach Santorini either by air from Athens or by boat (there are a number of ports which service Santorini)